iDVD - Checking the Project Info Window

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Checking the Project Info Window

DVD projects can take up a lot of space on your hard disk, and it’s useful to know when
you need to make more room. In addition, a DVD disc has a maximum capacity. As
you’re working on your project, monitoring its size will ensure that everything fits.

The Project Info window, shown below, provides all this information and more.

To check the size of your project:


Choose Project > Project Info.

 The total size of your project, in running time (in minutes) and in size (in megabytes

or gigabytes), shows below the Capacity meter on the far right.

 The Capacity meter shows how much of your project’s total size is used by each of its

elements. The bands of color indicate what proportion of the project each element
accounts for.

 The numbers below DVD-ROM, Slideshows, Menus, and Movies specify how much

space (in gigabytes) each uses. When you click these numbers, the display switches
to show the number of these items in your project and how many tracks they use. An
iDVD project can have up to 99 tracks.

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Chapter 2

Learn iDVD


DVD-ROM refers to the content you’ve specified to be added to the DVD-ROM
portion of your burned DVD. The running time and size figures that appear below
Menus reflect the total duration of all the menus in the project. You can have a total
of 15 minutes of motion, such as video on buttons or in the background, in all
menus. A project can include up to 99 menus.

In general, the amount of content your iDVD project contains correlates to the quality
of your burned DVD, given the encoding setting you have chosen. The white arrow in
the Capacity meter points to the quality of your burned DVD. Quality is highest on the
green portion of the Quality meter. If you have chosen Best Performance as your
encoding setting, the entire Quality meter may be green.