iDVD - Step 3:Choose a Theme for Your DVD

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Step 3: Choose a Theme for Your DVD

The overall look of a DVD menu and its buttons is called a


The theme is defined

by the colors and graphic elements in the menu, the font style and size of text, the
menu button shape, and much more. A

theme family

is a collection of menu designs

that work together, providing a unified appearance to submenus.

You can use one of the professional-quality themes that come with iDVD. Or, working
with one of the iDVD themes as a base, you can customize the theme and save it as a
favorite to use for other projects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to start with an
existing iDVD theme and customize aspects of it.


Use the Soft Frame theme, specified in the steps below, for this tutorial so that

you can follow along easily. After you finish the tutorial, you can use what you’ve
learned to choose a different theme and make other changes before you burn your

To choose the theme for your DVD menu:


Click the Themes button at the bottom of the iDVD window.

The Themes pane opens on the right side of the iDVD window.


Scroll up and down to see the themes.


Click the pop-up menu and choose 7.0 Themes, and then scroll down until you see Soft


Click the disclosure triangle next to the theme, which reveals all menu templates in the
Soft Frame theme family.


Click Main to select the theme family for your project.

After a short pause, the menu changes to the theme you selected. The title on the
menu changes to the name of the theme you selected.

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Chapter 2

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The Soft Frame theme, like many iDVD themes, defaults to the widescreen format
(16:9). To switch to standard format (4:3), choose Project > “Switch to Standard (4:3).”


After you modify a menu, you can save it as a custom theme. A custom theme

appears in the Themes pane, listed below Favorites. You can use it for future projects,
just as you would any other theme.

Choose a set of themes
using this pop-up menu.

Click the disclosure

triangle to see all the

menu templates in the

theme family.

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Chapter 2

Learn iDVD