iDVD - Step 5:Add a Slideshow

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Step 5: Add a Slideshow

Adding a slideshow to your iDVD project is a great way to enhance your DVD and show
your photographs. You can use a slideshow already created in iPhoto, or you can use
iDVD to create a slideshow from a group of pictures.

You can even create a DVD that has no movies at all but rather showcases your photos
in one or more slideshows. Depending on the amount of other content included and
the size of your photos, your DVD can hold up to 9801 images.

In this step, you’ll create a slideshow of photographs and movies in iDVD and add a

To create a slideshow in iDVD:


If the main menu is not showing, click the Back button on the scene selection menu to
return to the main menu.


Click the Add button at the bottom of the iDVD window and choose Add Slideshow
from the pop-up menu.

A button labeled “My Slideshow” appears on the menu. This button may appear too far
from the movie button. Leave it as it is for now. You’ll learn how to reposition buttons
in “Changing Button Shapes” on page 23.

Click My Slideshow to select the text, and then type My Photos.

If you want to modify the text, use the controls in the in-place editor to do so.


Click outside the text area to deselect the text, and then double-click the My Photos
button to open the slideshow editor.

The iDVD window changes automatically to show the Photos pane.

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Chapter 2

Learn iDVD


The slideshow editor, shown below, is a blank screen with the words “Drag images


Drag photos one at a time or in groups from the Photos pane to the slideshow editor.

You can even drag a whole album to the slideshow editor.

If you haven’t imported photos into iPhoto, you won’t see photos in this list. You can
open iPhoto anytime and import some photos, or you can drag photos from other
locations on your hard disk directly to the slideshow editor.


Arrange the images in the order in which you want them to appear.

Drag the images in the slideshow editor to rearrange them. To delete images, select the
ones you want to remove, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.