iDVD - Step 7:Add Menu Text and Change Its Appearance

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Step 7: Add Menu Text and Change Its Appearance

Now that you’ve added more content to your DVD project, the text on the main menu
may need some adjustment. You can add text to the menu and change its typeface,
size, and color, and add a shadow. You can also reposition text so that it fits better on
the menu. Menu text, also referred to as a “text object,” is not clickable. This is different
from button text, or button labels, because buttons are clickable.

In this step, you’ll add a subtitle, change the appearance of the text, and reposition it
on the menu. Keep in mind that the text you add need not be limited to short titles
and subheads. For example, you can add blocks of text for credits and other content.

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To customize the text:


Make sure that the project’s main menu is open, and then choose Project > Add Text.

New placeholder text that says “Click to edit” appears on the menu.


Drag the text into position below the title.

If you need to reposition the main title to fit the subtitle below it, click the title once to
select it, and then drag it to a new location. You can select and drag any text object on
the menu to reposition it.


Click the placeholder text to highlight it, and then type “A Year of Fun” as the subtitle.

When you click the text, the in-place editor appears below it. You can use the controls
to change the typeface, style, and size of the text. For now, however, ignore the in-
place editor.


With the text highlighted, press Command (x)-I to open the Text Info window, shown

The Text Info window has controls for changing all aspects of the text, including color
and whether the text has a shadow. You can drag it wherever you want on your


Click the typeface pop-up menu and choose another typeface.


Use the font size pop-up menu to choose a smaller size so that the subtitle fits below
the main title.


Click the color control to open the Colors window.

Try out different color selections in the Colors window. As you click colors, the text on
the menu changes to the color you selected. When you find a color you want to use,
close the Colors window.


Select the Shadow checkbox to add a shadow to the text.


Close the Text Info window.


To save your work, choose File > Save.

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Chapter 2

Learn iDVD

The menu below shows the new title and subtitle.

Some television screens may not be able to display everything on your menu. You can
overlay an outline on the menu so that you can see what will be visible on these TVs.
This is called the TV safe area. For more information, search for “TV safe area” in iDVD