iDVD - Changing Button Shapes

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Changing Button Shapes

You can turn any text button into a shape (or image) button. Image buttons consist of
a text label and a shape thumbnail. You can add photos or movie clips to the
thumbnail portion of image buttons to add visual interest to your menus.

Image buttons on a menu can be all the same shape, or you can mix styles.

To change button shapes:


From the main menu, select one of the buttons by clicking it once, and then choose
Edit > Select All Buttons.

If you want each button to be different, you can select buttons and change their styles
one at a time.

Click the color control to

select a new color for the

selected text.

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Click Buttons to open the Buttons pane, shown below.


From the pop-up menu at the top of the pane, choose Rounded.

The three button options at the top of the pop-up menu—Text, Bullets, and Shapes—
add a graphical element to your buttons that in most cases appears only when the
button is highlighted. The four button options at the bottom of the pop-up menu
create buttons that have a label and a shape to which you can add an image or movie


Click one of the button shapes.

Try different button shapes until you find one that looks good on your menu. The icon
(the gray circle with a slash) at the top of the Buttons pane changes all selected
buttons to text-only buttons.

Most likely, when you apply a shape, the buttons on your menu will overlap. You’ll fix
that in step 6 below.


With your buttons still selected, press Command (x)-I again to open the Button Info

Use the controls in the Button Info window to make other creative decisions:

 Use the Thumbnail slider to change the size of the button shape.
 Use the label pop-up menu to change where the button label appears in relation to

its shape.

Select a category of
button shapes using
this pop-up menu.

Click this icon to change

a button to text only.

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Chapter 2

Learn iDVD



If the buttons are still overlapping, click the menu, but not a drop zone or text object.
The Menu Info window, shown below, appears.


Select “Free positioning” in the Buttons section of the window. This allows you to move
the buttons around the menu


Close the window, and then drag your buttons where you want them on the menu.

Yellow alignment guides appear as you drag to help you place your buttons.


To save your work, choose File > Save.